Eleven Eleven Sculpture Space


Norma Minkowitz

In this exhibit:

I Remember

Fiber, resin, wire. 30.5" x 11" x 9.5"

Courtesy of Belles Artes Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rear view

Artist's statement

I have always been interested in linear elements. When I was a girl, I spent many hours drawing with pen and ink, as well as learning to crochet at my mother's side.

At an early age, I taught myse1f to manipulate the threads into sculptural forms by counting stitches. ' At this time, my primary method of working is crochet, but because drawing continues to be important to me, I now find that the threads and wires I use mimic the cross hatching and irregularities of pen and ink drawing (but in 3D).

I seek mystery in the shadows of my work. Process becomes part of the content, and structure and surface are achieved at the same time. The transparency of crochet allows me to pursue forms that do not reveal themselves immediately, but draw the viewer to contemplate the meaning and mystery of nature, including human nature.

It is a mistake to categorize artists based on their medium, although most critics try to do so. Utilizing fiber has become part of the mainstream art movement. All art considers the craft of its chosen medium, and it is important to respect the integrity of the material, and have an intellectual reason for the choice.

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