Eleven Eleven Sculpture Space


Karen Paust

In this exhibit:

Green Spine

Wool, wire, bamboo, glass beads. 8' x 4' x 6'

Portrait of an Eggplant

Wool, 34" x 21"


Wool; assorted dimensions

Artist's statement


I have been creating with my hands for as long as I can remember. Sewing and crocheting doll clothes at about age five, then knitting and learning from my mother and grandmother how to create what I envisioned without using a pattern.

Beadwork sprang from my interest in botany. I taught myself how to weave beads together, realizing that beadwork reflected how plant cells connect. Beading allows me to combine sewing, knitting, painting and sculpting techniques into a very unique art form that interacts with light in a spectacular way.

I've been evolving with beadwork for the past 16 years. Ideas come intuitively and I explore and express them with glass beads creating wearable art, sculptures and mobiles.


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