Eleven Eleven Sculpture Space


Joyce Zipperer

In this exhibit:

Red Lace Camisole

Crocheted copper, 18" x 12" x 5"


Photo by Frank Zipperer

Artist's statement

My work stems from a lifelong interest in the design and construction of costumes and clothing which ultimately led to sculpture. Focusing on women's undergarments, I have combined these disciplines using metal fabrics to convey attitudes and styles that have mirrored our culture past and present. Some of the metal fabrics I work with are aluminum, copper and stainless steel screening; woven metal mesh; and crocheted wire of copper, brass or steel. "Red Camisole" is made of crocheted copper wire.

Other galleries


My work can also be seen at:

The Washington Sculptors Group web site

Touchstone Gallery

Zenith Gallery


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